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Ghee Is Now Made Here Onsite

Starting November 29, 2012 - Ending December 29, 2012 Expired


An imperative aspect of the healing journey is being connected, in the most harmonious way possible, to our food and our medicine.  With this in mind, your medicines are made with sattva and consciousness as our priority.  The herbs we work with are from the most reputable sources, guaranteed fresh and organic, or sustainably wild crafted.  And our ghee… We have been using Purity Farms ghee for years, feeling good about their product.  I felt though it was time to take our connection deeper; to hand craft this vital part of the medicines we are making.  With that, I am VERY excited to announce that the CCA will now be producing our own ghee using certified organic grass fed butter from Strauss Creamery, a regional dairy farm.  A few weeks ago marked the first batch of this golden nectar being produced, as the halls filled with the sound of sacred mantras and the enticing aromas of butter transforming into ghee.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, or the sensory treats we all received. I hope that you too find the medicated ghee you are ordering to be filled with that extra bit of shakti and healing power.