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Starting your journey to health

Your process begins when you make the decision to take care of yourself. Here’s how to get started: 

  • Call the college to schedule an appointment with one of our clinical staff who will spend time with you answering your questions about the process. At that time, another appointment will be set for you to receive a complete initial consultation so that we can determine the best program for you. This consultation can be performed over the telephone or in person. Your entire health history will be reviewed at that time.  You will receive a detailed  plan which will include which types of therapies, herbal medicines and lifestyle counseling you will be receiving.
  • Schedule the dates for your therapies and follow up visits.


The California College of Ayurveda does not offer a residential setting for your Healing Experience. We are an out-patient clinic. As such we do not provide on-site housing accommodations. However, we do have a relationship with several beautiful, near-by Inn’s and private homes who offer very nice guest accommodations in private, quiet settings within nature.


If you will not be driving yourself, the CCA can arrange transportation for you from the Sacramento Airport to the location where you will be staying. We can also pick you up each morning before your therapies and return your home after your therapies.


During your Healing Experience, you will be eating very simply. You will be prescribed an ayurvedic food called kitcheree which assists in the healing process. Other similar foods may be recommended as well. Our staff at the CCA can prepare your food for you and it will be ready each day when you come to our clinic, or it will be delivered to the location where you are staying. If you prefer, we will provide you with the recipes and you can prepare the food yourself. The ingredients are available locally and the food is easy to prepare.  Cooking for your self can also be a very empowering and healing experience. Either way it is your choice.  We are here to serve you.

*There are extra fees for transportation and food preparation.