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3rd Annual Sivananda Ayurveda Conference Opening Talk with Dr. Marc Halpern: "The Churning of the Ocean of Consciousness"

 Dr. Marc Halpern opened the 3rd Annual Ayurveda Conference with a lively talk based on the classic Vedic story, "The Churning of the Ocean of Consciousness."
The story represents the timeless struggle of life; good vs evil, dark vs light, ice cream vs broccoli. Which to choose? This is the voice of the ego vs. the voice of the soul; the ego speaks in shouts while the soul speaks in whispers. The challenge of life is to learn to listen to the whispers of the soul. When we do, the soul will lead us to peace, bliss and everlasting health. The ego seeks sensory desires, which never brings lasting happiness and ultimately leads to disharmony and disease when that which we seek is no longer available or the pleasure it brings fades. The desires of the soul are for liberation, and these are eternal. The story has a happy ending; the destination is assured, for in the end, we will all eventually achieve union with the divine, liberation, perfect health, and everlasting bliss.