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Ayurveda certification online Offered by Leading Ayurvedic School in the West in 2014

The online ayurveda training course offers the flexibility for students to take the program from home, without leaving their work or personal responsibilities.  Students can begin their education with the Ayurveda Foundations Course. This one month course can be taken as a stand-alone course for self-knowledge or as a required part of the body therapies certification. Students can also begin their education with the Ayurvedic Health Educator program (1 year). This program is for the student wishing to integrate their training in Ayurveda with an existing health care degree, massage or yoga certification, or to receive the knowledge for personal growth and/or self-healing. Graduates with no previous training may conduct community ayurvedic educational workshops and seminars. This training can be combined with our Ayurvedic Massage and Body Therapy certification, allowing level-one graduates to become licensed Massage Therapists in the state of California and perform Ayurvedic massage and spa therapies.

"The sucess of our Distance Learning program is come from its highly structured curriculum. Students in this program are held to the same standards as students in the classroom" says Dr. Marc Halpern, Director of the Ayurveda College. This program is characterized by monthly conferences (one-to-one) with an instructor. The program begins with the Ayurvedic Health Educator Certification and can lead to a Ayurveda practitiones certification.

In the live internet program, students join the full time program happening in campus, but from the comfort of their homes. This format enables students to be fully participating members of the class – to see and be seen by the instructor, to ask questions, to view class materials, to participate in class discussions – all in real time. This format is ideal for students who live at a distance but who still want to be a part of the classroom community.

Established in 1995, the California College of Ayurveda is the longest running, State-approved college offering professional online ayurvedic training as well as full-time programs for the study of Ayurvedic Medicine in the West. CCA offers a comprehensive curriculum, with three levels of programs leading to certification as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (C.A.S.). The Ayurveda school offers a variety of shorter length workshops and seminars, and trains students to become the healers of the future, Ayurvedic practitioners dedicated to understanding the whole person – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

The college also offers a yoga nidra training course and an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Course in Texas, Bahamas, Canada and in Grass Valley, California.

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