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Ayurvedic Dough Basti ~ A powerful, ancient healing practice ~ taught and offered at CCA

One of the things that makes Ayurveda unique is the variety of powerful hands-on treatments that it offers. Ayurvedic healing techniques have been practiced for thousands of years. In this video, you will learn about basti, which is an ancient treatment for specific areas of the body utilizing dough “dams” that contain medicated herbal oils or decoctions pooled within the center of the dough dam. The preparation is unique for each person and condition.


Watch a beautiful video of dough bastis here: 


Bastis are an excellent form of treatment for back pain, adrenal fatigue, eye health, thyroid balance, heart strength, hormonal balance, for bringing balance to the chakras, and much more.


At the California College of Ayurveda, we offer bastis in our Ayurveda Spa,, and teach a summer course on the preparation and use of dough bastis,