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Introduction to Ayurvedic Diagnosis - A 90 minute class taught by Dr. Marc Halpern

Ayurveda is unique in it’s approach to diagnosis. The goal in Ayurvedic diagnosis is not to identify a specific disease, but rather, to determine the balance of the three doshas, in order to create an appropriate treatment plan to restore balance to the doshas. When the doshas are in balance, balance is achieved in body, mind and soul.


According to Dr. Marc Halpern in his textbook, Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine

“Ayurvedic diagnosis is the determination of the patient’s prakruti (constitution) and the patient’s vikruti (imbalance). In order to do this successfully, the practitioner must gather appropriate information. The two basic methods of gathering information are the patient history and the examination…The process of diagnosis is the process of interpreting the information that has been gathered. A diagnosis is only as accurate as the accuracy of the information that has been received. 

Hence, making an accurate diagnosis requires competent investigative skills. A good investigator looks for clues in a variety of ways. Gathering information is like painting a picture of the patient physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each piece of information is another stroke of the brush. Once the picture is painted, the Ayurvedic practitioner takes a step back and looks at it through the eyes of Ayurvedic knowledge and interprets what they see. From this, both the patient’s constitution and the imbalances become clear. With a clear diagnosis, a proper treatment plan can be organized.

The Ayurvedic History consists of five components: The history of the chief complaint, the history of the Three Pillars of Life, the psycho-spiritual history, the lifestyle history and a review of systems. This extensive history can take up to an hour to complete when it is performed in its entirety. 

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