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What Our Grads Are Up To: Jessica Hartley Litton, Yoga Nidra CD & Practice in Grass Valley, California

Namaste! A past graduate, Jessica Hartley Litton, also known as Sica, has a Yoga Nidra album available through her website Check it out!!

Personally trained by Dr. Halpern, Jessica has the honor of providing Yoga Nidra for Pancha Karma patients at CCA's Panchakarma Center, and has held many classes and personal sessions in this great meditational technique. 


To schedule a class at your Yoga studio, or for a group or personal session, email her at Or book yourself some nourishing Ayurvedic therapies or a full PK at our healing Pancha Karma Center in Grass Valley, California, and request to have Jessica be your Yoga Nidra Therapist.


Jessica also provides long distance consulting by phone or Skype, all over the world, and works with her patients in 3 or 6 month programs to fully establish the foundation of Ayurvedic health and wellness.


Jessica wishes you all peace, health and relaxation! Namaste!!