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Ayurveda & The Four Goals of Life ~ Part 2: Artha (Prosperity)


Ayurveda & The Four Goals of Life (Purushartha): First in a 4 part series

“Vedic knowledge teaches that there exist four basic goals of human life. These goals are so fundamental that every person is motivated to some extent by them. Because they are so basic to our nature, human beings easily become attached to them. Attachment to these fundamental goals is the basis of most of our problems and an obstruction to actually receiving them.

Ayurveda and Foods that Bring Balance in the Fall

Brrr…it’s getting chilly out there. Windy too. What to eat to stay in balance now that autumn is in full swing and winter is just around the corner?

Ayurveda & Insomnia: Make your own Herbal Tincture!

Trouble Sleeping? Make your own herbal tincture to calm your mind and promote restful sleep!


Ayurveda and Proper Daily Elimination

Are you having a bowel movement every morning soon after arising? According to Ayurveda, this is critical to good health. Otherwise, toxins remain in the body and this can set the stage for disease.

What Our Grads Are Up To: A Natural Approach to Prevention and Treatment of Colds & Flu Workshop - Oct 17, San Juan Capistrano

Building Immunity: A Natural Approach to Prevention and Treatment of Colds & Flu 


Making Herbal Medicine: Soothing Honey Throat Balls

With cold and flu season upon us, soothe your sore throat with these wonderful Honey Throat Balls that you hand make yourself!


What Our Grads Are Up To: Ayurveda Fall Cleansing Workshop - Sivananda Yoga Center, Los Angeles - October 17

Did you know that Fall is one of the 2 best times of year to complete a cleanse? Get ready to clear out your mind, body and life of that which no longer serves you.


Ayurveda & The Story Of What Happened When the Humans Disrespected the Plants

"The story is told that God placed the plants and vegetables on the planet for the animals to consume. The dharma of the plants is to support animal life. The plants do not mind this, as it is their dharma. The selfless fulfillment of their dharma will lead them closer to enlightenment. 

Ayurvedic Treatment: Heart Basti - Bringing Love to the Wellspring of Love

What’s going on in our herb kitchen today? Making a pitta heart basti!  This lovely medicine, made of herbs, oils and milk, will nourish and bring healing to the physical as well as the subtle heart. This particular formulation is specific for healing heart conditions of a pitta (overheated, intense) nature.