Ayurvedic Doctor Program

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest program

The Ayurvedic Doctor Program 

This new program is a 600 hour program (3100 total hours) that trains students for a scope of practice that includes the ability to integrate deeper knowledge of Western medicine into the practice of Ayurvedic medicine. Students will be competent to act as a bridge between the two sciences and be able to gain the highest level of understanding of the patient's condition.

Prerequisites: Students must first complete CCA's Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist-2 Internship. Past CCA graduates at the CAS level must also complete the Dermatology module and the Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat module, which is now available separately via distance learning.

Requirements: Students will complete a minimum of 50 additional patient visits along with a mandatory 6 day intensive and 5 modules that will meet on a monthly basis.

Classes and Curriculum: Students will attend classes while seeing patients during this program. Students will gain additional experience designing and preparing complex herbal formulations for a wide variety of conditions. Off-site students  will perform additional herbal projects to meet the requirements of this aspect of the program.

On-Campus Intensive: This is a 6-day intensive that includes the following:

Pulse Diagnosis: During this 3-day program, students will advance the art of Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis. Students will learn how to perceive the 10 pairs of opposite qualities in the pulse and how to use this information to make treatment more specific. Students will also perform pulse evaluations on the general public providing a quick determination of the prakruti and vikruti of the patient. The location of these may be off campus at different centers within the local community.

Western Diagnostic Testing: During this 3-day intensive, students will learn the value of a wide variety of Western diagnostic tests and how to interpret them from an Ayurvedic perspective. This includes blood tests, urine tests and a wide variety of special tests.

Classes During Program:

Module 1: Pediatrics in Ayurveda / Overview of Surgery in Ayurveda

Module 2: Advanced Western Diagnostics / Case Presentation

Module 3: Geriatrics in Ayurveda / Case Presentations

Module 4: Toxicology / Case Presentations

Module 5: Research Methodology / Case Presentations

Final Exam: Students in the Ayurvedic Doctor program must pass a comprehensive clinical examination upon completion of the program.

Stipends: On-site interns receive a stipend of $60.00 per visit during their internship. Interns who complete their entire internship successfully will have earned a total of $3,000.00. Off-site interns receive the equivalent or greater in patient fees.

Recognition: This program meets the requirements of the National Council on Ayurvedic Education and has been Approved by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. The title "Ayurvedic Doctor" may only be used in accordance with State regulations. All graduates may use the title Ayurvedic Doctor in writing and in teaching.