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Welcome to the California College of Ayurveda Feedback Page. We appreciate it when you let us know what you like about our college as well as how we can improve our service to you.

Home work and other interests...

I have not been contacted by anyone yet. I am doing distance learning, I got in the mail my Intro packet. I looked at the home work and have completed it to the best of my ability, or what feels like a good effort! Where do I send the answers? Actually how do I send it? And to whom? Am I being too pitta and eager to start this, yes I am, I suppose! I would love to get an abhiyanga from your students (read the comment at the bottom and got the idea). Thank you.


I will visit California the week of April 2nd - 10 and would like to visit the school to participate in some classroom session and get spa treatments. What would be the cost of the gold package for myself and a family member during that week. Sincerely,