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CCA's Multimedia Channel - Videos and recordings with Dr. Marc Halpern

Video Recordings

 Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy: An Introduction

This informative Webinar by Dr. Marc Halpern introduces students to Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy (AYT) including what it is, who should attend the AYT workshops, how it can benefit you, and much more.  

This is a WebEx video and may require a video player. If you have problems viewing this video please contact WebEx Support at 866-229-3239.

 Enduring Stress: Building OJAS

Dr. Halpern's Webinar on Enduring Stress: Building OJAS. 1 hr 50 min. This is a WebEx video and may require their video player. If you have problems viewing this video please contact WebEx Support at 866-229-3239.

Organic India medicine garden inauguration

The video shows and excerpt of the inauguration of the ORGANIC INDIA medicine garden at the California College of Ayurveda and a speech by Prashanti Dejager.

Introduction to Ayurveda: 2000

This video was made in 2000 at the request of Dr. Halpern 's students who wanted him to help explain ayurveda to the their patients. It is a great overview of Ayurveda and what happens during a consultation.  We hope you like it.

Panchakarma at the California College of Ayurveda: 2007

Learn about Panchakarma and rejuvenation at the California College of Ayurveda. This video shows some of the beautiful treatments that many of our patients receive. At the end, Dr. Halpern makes comments about the practices.

Dr. Marc Halpern interviewed on Talk Story TV by Dorothy Meyers: 2012

Dorothy Meyers sits down with Dr. Marc Halpern to discuss his book, Healing Your Life, education at the California College of Ayurveda and many principles of how to be healthy through the practice of Ayurveda. 

Dr. Marc Halpern interviewed by Lew Sitzer on NCTV. 2002

NCTV Host Lew Sitzer sits down with Dr. Marc Halpern to discuss Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Dr. Marc Halpern is interviewed at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat in Bahamas about Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy.

Audio interviews and recordings

Education Overview with Dr. Marc Halpern

This hour and forty three minute program provides you with a clear overview of what your education will be like at the California College of Ayurveda. Dr. Halpern gives a one hour introduction and then answers questions from the students who attended the teleconference. Topics include a description of the levels of education and different formats that the student can study in. It also includes information about internship and supplemental programs at the college. 

Overview of the Level Two (C.A.T.) program.

Dr. Halpern discusses the Level Two program and answers questions about it.

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy with Dr. Marc Halpern

Dr. Marc Halpern, one of the leaders in the field of Yoga Therapy in the United States and the Founder and Director of the California College of Ayurveda joins eHealth Radio and the Health and Yoga Channels.

Internship Overview: A Discussion with Dr. Marc Halpern

During this hour long discussion, Dr. Halpern explains how the internship programs work. He discusses both the on-site and field internship programs, as well as the Level 3, AHP internship and the Level 4, CAS internship. He also takes questions from several students about the program.

Ehealth radio Interview 2012

 Dr. Marc Halpern joins ehealth radio host Eric Michaels for an interview about  his book, Healing Your Life: Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda.

The Philosophy of Healing

Dr. Halpern discusses the Philosophy of Healing as seen through the Ayurveda approach.


The Yoga Hour 2012

Dr. Marc Halpern, joins Rev. Ellen Grace O’Brian from the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment on The Yoga Hour online broadcast for a look at how to unlock our healing potential through self-awareness and conscious living.  Discover how the sciences of Ayurvedaii and Yoga come together to provide a comprehensive map for optimal well-being—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. – Available for free download.