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Ayurveda and Healthy Eating Guidelines: Consume Whole Foods that are not Processed

“The foods we take should be fresh and less processed. The processing of food is well known to devitalize the food (destroying natural enzymes) and deplete important vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients (trace minerals, fiber, co-enzymes and much more). In recognition of this, the food industry sometimes replaces a token amount of the lost vitamins by adding synthetic versions.

Ayurveda and the Composition of Feces

“It is interesting to note the makeup of feces, as its color, consistency and smell are of considerable importance to Ayurvedic practitioners. Fecal material is made up primarily of water, bacteria and roughage. Its color is naturally light brown and is determined primarily by the presence of bilirubin derivatives. Bilirubin is a breakdown product of bile. Excess bile production turns stools a greater green or yellow color. The presence of mucous causes stools to appear more pale or white.

California College of Ayurveda Learning Garden: Milk Thistle

What’s happening in our learning garden this summer? ~ Milk Thistle!
Hiding inside the stunning flower of the Milk Thistle are dozens of seeds beneficial to supporting liver health.  Perfect for the pitta time of year!

Ayurveda and Healthy Eating Guidelines: “Eat Less”

“Eat Less.” Two simple words, and yet to follow them is among the most difficult tasks many people face. Self-control is a great challenge but if a person can be successful here, studies show that life can and will be extended. On the average, people consume 30% more food than they need. That adds up to a lot of extra pounds. Ayurvedic and yogic food guidelines have promoted for thousands of years the idea that a person should only eat till they are 75% full.

What’s Cooking in the Ayurvedic Kitchen? Coconut Macaroons - Perfect for Summer!

Preparation time: 50 minutes
-Vata, --Pitta, +Kapha
Makes 24 cookies, 2.5" each

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Do you feel a calling, deep down in your heart?

You probably wouldn’t be reading this unless you have a yearning in your heart to make a difference in the world. This means either the world within your own heart, or the greater world around you. Either way, you likely see things differently. The ancients called such people rishis, seers. 

Ayurveda and Subtle Anatomy: The Three Bodies

“The human being consists of three bodies: The physical body, the subtle or astral body, and the causal or karmic body. Each body is an energetic field of different densities that vibrate at different frequencies.

Ayurveda, Yoga, and Freedom: A Quote on Freedom from Swami Sivananda

"Freedom is man's birthright. Freedom is sat-chit-ananda. Freedom is immortality. Freedom is knowledge, peace, and bliss. Consciously or unconsciously, wittingly or unwittingly, all are attempting for this freedom. In every heart, there is desire for freedom, this all-consuming passion for liberty.

From time, pass into eternity. This is freedom or emancipation. Still the mind. Herein lies freedom and bliss eternal." ~ Swami Sivananda, "Bliss Divine"

California College of Ayurveda Learning Garden: California Poppy

What's happening in out learning garden this summer? ~ California Poppy!

The state flower, the California Poppy, is not only a beautiful and hearty addition to any garden bed, but also a wonderful mild sedative for the nervous system. 

Ayurvedic Cooking for the Season: Tempeh and Garden Vegetable Kebabs

This hearty, delicious kebab with a Smoked Almond Marinade will satisfy even a hungry pitta! 


For the kebabs: