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Ayurveda, Love and Ojas - and Wishes for a Happy New Year!

 As we greet the New Year,  let us remember that all challenges to our health and well-being come from a state of low ojas. Ojas is the foundation of our ability to love to be loved; it is that which sustains, stabilizes and nourishes us.

The Simple Premise Behind Healing According to Ayurveda

“The path of healing is based on a simple premise. If there is an excess of a particular quality in your body or mind, then reducing your exposure to that quality and taking in the opposite quality will assist your body and mind in returning to its proper balance. It is really just common sense. By adjusting the qualities we take in, the elemental balance of the body is changed and with that, the physiological forces (doshas) that govern its function.

Ayurveda and Weight Loss: Step 1 - Eat your biggest meal at noon!

 Already laying plans for losing weight after the first?


Step #1: Eat your biggest meal at lunch!

Happy Holidays, Love, Peace & Joy!

May the light of this holiday season illuminate your heart, your mind, and your soul.

May your New Year be filled with love,  peace, and abundant good health. 

Ayurveda & Sleep: 10 Practices to Help You Sleep Like a Baby

Do you sleep like a baby? 

According to Ayurveda, sleep is considered one of the “Three Pillars of Life” - meaning that it is a cornerstone for optimal health. 

Ayurveda and a Holiday Message from Dr. Marc Halpern ~ "Give yourself the gift of self-love!"

 The holidays are upon us and it is a great reminder to give ourselves the gift of Self-love! Self-love is needed every day. But during the holidays it is even more important. Many people find themselves stressed out and taking care of others. Whether it is buying gifts, preparing meals or entertaining guests, it seems like there is so much to do. If we are not careful, we become depleted.

Ayurveda & PRAKRUTI (the Constitution) and VIKRUTI (the Nature of the Imbalance)

Delicious Ayurvedic Cooking: Vegetable Rice

This delicious, nutritious recipe is relatively easy to prepare. A great main course for vegetarians and vegans, and a fantastic side dish for those who aren't! The cardamom, clove and cinnamon add a unique flavor, and together with the other spices enhance the body’s ability to digest it (which is always important according to Ayurveda!).

Ayurveda & Vision: What Effect Does Watching Movies & Television have on Health?

"When you go out to eat, are you interested in the quality of the food at the restaurant? Does it matter to you what they serve? Of course it does. If the food is not healthy, it will give you indigestion and it can make you sick. The same is true of your choices regarding what you visually expose yourself to. Of course, by this I mean movies and television. 

Ayurveda & Children's Learning Styles

What Kind of Learner is Your Child?
Every child is unique, with a unique learning style. By understanding how your child learns best, you can support him or her to excel - and have compassion if he or she struggles!