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Ayurveda & Guidelines For Proper Eating: AVOID OVEREATING

 Holiday temptations abound! Challenge yourself to follow one of Ayurveda’s most basic guidelines for healthy digestion: AVOID OVEREATING 

It is best to eat at a moderate pace until you are 75% full.

Ayurveda is the science of knowing what is best for each individual

 Ayurveda teaches that:

“Nothing is right for everyone.

Everything is right for someone.”

We are unique beings, and we each have unique needs.


Ayurvedic Nutrition 101: Taste and the 5 Elements

 “The word “rasa” is the Sanskrit word meaning taste. There are six distinct tastes and each, as with all of nature, is composed of elements. Understanding the elemental make up of each taste is the key to understanding the attributes of each taste.

Ayurveda & Ginger - The “Universal Medicine”

 Cold & Flu Season is Here: Make sure you have ginger on hand!

The Goals of the Ayurvedic Practitioner

 "Ayurvedic practitioners are committed to understanding the principles of Ayurveda so that they can use this knowledge to assist the sick individual to become well again. In addition, it is the responsibility of the practitioner to teach each patient the basic principles of Ayurveda, so that the patient becomes empowered to keep himself healthy. 

"Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine" by Dr. Marc Halpern - First major re-write coming soon!

 A beloved, well-read copy of the core textbook for first year students at CCA. Dr. Marc Halpern wrote this text over 20 years ago, drawing the profound knowledge that it contains from the ancient, classical Ayurvedic texts. And now, the first major rewrite is about to be released! Dr. Halpern has been working hard to deepen and expand the teachings that this book provides.

Ayurveda & The Human Body: 7 Signs and Symptoms of Gall Bladder Dysfunction

Many of us have never studied human anatomy and physiology. Knowing one’s own body is vital to knowing how to keep it healthy and functioning optimally, not to mention knowing what steps to take when you become ill. The gall bladder is an often misunderstood organ. The below is an excerpt regarding the gall bladder from the textbook, “Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine,” by Dr. Marc Halpern. 


Ayurveda and Gratitude

 Gratitude is a powerful force. It opens the heart, creating a vessel for light to shine through. It erases negativity, as it reminds us of deepest Truth. It allows us to step outside of our ego, as we acknowledge the Divine in others and in all things.

Join Dr. Marc Halpern and Marisa Laursen for Classical Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy™ in the Bahamas!

 Are you a yoga teacher? Ready to bring the healing wisdom of Ayurveda into your Yoga classes – and take things to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL? 

If so, read on and learn how  CLASSICAL AYURVEDIC YOGA THERAPY can open up a whole new world for you!

Ayurveda & The Story of What Happened When the Humans Disrespected the Plants


The story is told that God placed the plants and vegetables on the planet for the animals to consume. The dharma (service) of the plants is to support animal life. The plants do not mind this, as it is their dharma. The selfless fulfillment of their dharma will lead them closer to enlightenment.