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Ayurveda and Cycles of Time: How the Doshas Rule the Day

Have you ever found that if you sleep in, you feel heavy and sluggish all day? Or that at about 10 pm you get the munchies? Do you sometimes wake up at 4 am worrying, and have a hard time falling back asleep?


Ayurveda and the Concept of Karma

“Karma is often defined as the law of cause and effect or action and reaction. This law states that for every effect, there must be a cause. Something must set into motion a force that creates the eventual effect. In this context, karma is a physical force that creates our experience of the world. 

Ayurvedic Seasonal Routine for Autumn

 During the autumn months, the accumulated heat of summer leads to dryness in the world around us. Winds often blow, which increases the dryness. The earth cools. Leaves wither and drop from the trees. The qualities of roughness, lightness, dryness, mobility and coolness pervades the atmosphere, and thus, our selves.

Ayurveda and the Natural World

Imagine, for a moment, that you are strolling through a forest on a warm spring day. The forest is bursting with life, and as you gaze about, you notice that in the deep shade, ferns flourish as mushrooms push up through the moist soil. Water lilies float upon the surface of a nearby pond. In the distance, wildflowers dance in the breeze of a sunny meadow. 

Ayurveda and Biodiversity

 Every garden needs biodiversity! Biodiversity helps ensure the health of ecosystems, and this beautiful yellow flower with red speckles serves just this purpose in our Medicinal Herb Garden. Plus it attracts birds and butterflies to the garden, and is used in making flower essences.

Ayurveda, Music & Healing

Listen closely: Are the lyrics expressing an energy that will support your well-being and the person you want to be, or are you choosing music with lyrics that keep you bound to old thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you?…

Dermatology & Ayurveda Workshop with Dr. Marc Halpern

As the concluding event of our 20th Anniversary weekend (in August 2015), Dr. Marc Halpern offered a very special gift to his students and graduates; a free one day workshop on dermatology. Dr. Halpern is adding a very extensive section on dermatology and skin care to the CCA curriculum, and this was the first glimpse of the new material. 

A Special Puja (Celebration) Honoring the Divine Healer within Our Own Hearts - California College of Ayurveda 20th Anniversary

Our amazing 20th Anniversary celebration kicked off with a very special puja (ritual) performed by Swami Vashistananda, a Vedic Priest from the Namboodiri lineage in Kerala (Southern India).


20th Anniversary Celebration at the California College of Ayurveda ~ August 28-30, 2014

 Our 20th Anniversary celebration was a beautiful, touching, inspired weekend overflowing with love, light and grace. So much joy abounded! 

These pictures offer a sampling, a small taste. Watch for additonal posts with more photos - particularly of the phenomenal concert with David Newman, the beautiful opening puja (ceremony), and Dr. Halpern’s amazing dermatology workshop.