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Ayurveda and Disturbances of the Doshas


Ayurveda and Seasonal Recipes: How About a Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole for Thanksgiving dinner?


Ayurveda, Foods and Spices: Garlic

Garlic. Such a mixed bag! Many people can’t imagine a meal without it. Others find it overwhelmingly strong and avoid it at all costs. Garlic has huge health benefits, and yet it can dull or overstimulate the mind. It is cleansing and yet can be too heating for pitta.

Ayurveda and How Much Food Is Too Much?



How much food is too much? OK, not a fair question with Thanksgiving just around the corner! Most people tend to overeat on Thanksgiving. If you only overeat one time a year, the chances are it wouldn’t do too much harm. 


Ayurveda and Different Types of Aromatic Oils


Ayurvedic Recipe for Balancing Vata: Carrot Soup




We’re smack in the middle of the season when vata dosha easily goes out of balance.  With unbalanced vata, you may experience dry skin, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, nervous system disorders, and more. Enjoy this simple, delicious carrot soup and help keep your vata in balance!


Yoga Nidra Certification Course with Dr. Marc Halpern, Grass Valley, CA - Sept 13-17, 2017!


Ayurveda and Spices: Cinnamon


When you think of cinnamon, what comes to mind? Delicious, aromatic tea? Cookies and pastries? Oatmeal? All of these are made so much better by this amazing spice! And yet cinnamon has even more benefits to offer…

Ayurveda and Ama (Improperly Digested Food)




Have you looked at your tongue lately? Does it have a coating on it? If so, this is an indication of ama - the toxic residue of improperly digested food. Not a good thing! In fact, ama can lead to disease. We’re always talking about digestion here, and a big reason for this is that if you don’t digest well, you are likely going to create ama. 

Ayurveda and Healing Through Your Sense of Smell