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To process your application, it is essential that you submit payment for a non-refundable application fee. You may call in your application payment at 866-541-6699 ext 0, send your payment details by fax to 530-478-9105 or send us a check.

Note: Upon approval of the application, a pre-enrollment interview must be scheduled with the Enrollment Director before enrollment documents are sent. All students will have the opportunity to speak by phone with CCA founder Dr.Marc Halpern in a prospective student teleconference. Please contact the Enrollment Dept to schedule at 866-541-6699 ext. 0.

Personal Information
U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident
Emergency Contact
Educational Information

Verification of a high school level of education or equivalent is required with your application.  A college transcript or diploma is acceptable and an official copy is NOT required.

Regardless of whether you earned a degree, please list all post-secondary schools which you have attended.
Include, name, address, degree received, and dates attended.

Please list additional professional training you have received.
Include name, address, type of training, and dates attended.

Enrollment Details

Please check which program and level you would like to enroll in

* (Application process including pre-enrollment phone meeting must be completed a minimum of 3 weeks prior to requested start date) 

 Must complete prior level/s to enroll or test out of prior level.  Prior approved Ayurvedic Course work required to take placement exam

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