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Special Events and Self-Healing

Prospective Student Teleconferences 

with Dr. Marc Halpern

Dr. Halpern now hosts topic teleconferences that offer a wonderful opportunity for prospective students as well as current students and graduates to hear informative lectures on a variety of Ayurvedic topics.  These lectures are also recorded and available within 24 hours after the session concludes.  Questions may be submitted to Dr. Halpern via email following the lecture.  To register for any of the following dates/times, please email Jenny Michael at [email protected]

Dates & Times:

Sept 18, 10am-12pm – Clinical Management of vata, pitta, kapha doshas

You are also welcome to attend a prospective student teleconference to have your questions answered about the programs and enrollment. These are hosted twice weekly by our Enrollment Manager, Jenny Michael. To register, please contact Kelly Taylor at [email protected].


1st Annual Sivananda Ayurveda Conference. The Healing Side of Yoga

Ayurvedai is the traditional system of healing from India and awareness of its importance and power as a healing art is growing world-wide. We are very pleased to present a group of the  top teachers in the field, individuals who have helped to inspire awareness of this knowledge and have educated tens of  thousands of individuals world-wide through their lectures, workshops and writings. Join us for a week of inspired teachings about health and well-being as these teachers explore the healing of the body and the healing of the mind.

Date: March 23 - 27, 2014

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This course takes place around the same time as Dr. Halpern's Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Course. Students who take the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy course may attend the two-conference satsang lectures at no additional charge. There may also be an opportunity to attend several afternoon workshops. They also provide a link to the AYT page.