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Ayurvedic Psychology: Anxiety and Depression


Recorded with Dr. Marc Halpern and Dr. David Frawley.

This is an 8 CD package with lectures by Dr. Halpern and Dr. Frawley. The program was recorded live in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center and was professionally recorded on November 18th and 19th 2006. Disc one is an overview of the mind and consciousness by Dr. David Frawley. Disc two is a discussion of Personality Types and the Gunas by Dr. Marc Halpern. Disc three is a discussion of prana, tejas and ojas by Dr. Frawley. Disc four is a direct discussion of Anxiety and Depression by Dr. Halpern. Disc five is an exploration of the use of diet, herbs and lifestyle in the management of anxiety and depression by Dr. Halpern. Disc six explore the use of pranayama and pratyahara by Dr. Frawley. On disc seven Dr Frawley explores treating anxiety and depression with mantra meditation. On disc eight dr. Halpern and Dr. Frawley share in a question and answer panel. This is rare opportunity to listen to these two gift pioneers and teachers teaching together for an entire weekend.

Price: $132.00