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Healing Energies of Shiva and Shakti




Recorded with Dr. David Frawley and Shambhavi live at the California College of Ayurveda June 11-14th, 2009, this 12 CD set is a one in a lifetime opportunity to listen to two of the most well-known teachers of Yoga and Tantra. The following is description of each disc:


Disc 1: Introductory remarks by David Frawley and Shambhavi

Disc 2: Paramajyoti Mamtra: Dr. David Frawley

Disc 3: Bhakti Yoga and the Heart: Shambhavi

Disc 4: Mantra Godess: Dr. David Frawley

Disc 5: The Mother Goddess: Shambhavi

Disc 6: Prana, Pranayama, Mantra and Chakra: Dr. Frawley

Disc 7: Soma and Sadhana: Shambhavi

Disc 8: Open Questions and Answers: Dr. Frawley and Shambhavi

Disc 9: Tapas in Shakti Sadhana: Shambhavi with Dr. Frawley

Disc 10: Shiva: Dr. Frawley

Disc 11: Balance through Breath: Dr. Frawley

Disc 12: Final discussion and questions: Dr. Frawley and Shambhavi


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