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Tibetan Chakra Stone Massage


Instructor: Robert Sachs

Course Description:

According to Robert Sachs, Tibetan Chakra Stone Ritual is "a treatment that engages the therapist and the client in an interactive, full body and mind meditation. This program is a deep and transforming journey; an anointing of sacred energy points with pure essential oil blends, followed by chakra massage, special breathing and dowsing.  Semi-precious stones engraved with Tibetan symbols are placed over the chakras. Guided imagery combine to calm, center and strengthen your whole subtle energy system bringing with it peace and personal power through greater clarity."
Chakras and the subtle physiology of Ayurveda
Marmas and chakras
The healing and transformative benefits of semi-precious stones on the chakras
The use and benefits of guided visualization
Assessment skills 
The doshas and the condition of the chakras
Demonstration and practice of the entire Tibetan Chakra Stone Massage Protocol
Physical and Meditative exercises
Course Dates:
July 6-8, 2017
Course Fee: $495.00

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Price: $495.00