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Bulk Herb Orders


Bulk Herbs

The CCA Herbal Dispensary offers a wide selection of high quality herbs that are USDA certified organically grown or sustainably wild crafted. We take great pride in sourcing our herbs only from growers whom are commited to the same values of quality and ethical trade.

Our bulk herbs are available by the ounce, allowing you to select the amount most appropriate to your needs. For customized herbal formulas we recommend contacting the college and arranging to see one of our clinical practitioners. Or if you are a graduate practitioner please visit our “Graduate/Custom Herb Orders” page to place your order.

Out of Stock Availablility

We make every effort to ensure our herbs are the freshest possible, and limit how much we store onsite in order to do so. With this effort in mind occasionally we run out and/or our suppliers run out of an herb. For your convenience we do our best to keep the list below updated weekly. You may always call to ensure that what you are looking for is currently available.

Out of Stock Herbs -BULK

The herbs listed below are low in our inventory and therefor not available for BULK purchase.  They are still available for inclusion in formulation unless noted otherwise in the "Out of Stock-FORMULATION" list.

Out of Stock - FORMULATION

The herbs listed below are either out of stock in our dispensary and/or are unavailable from our distributors at this time.  Please utilize alternative herbs so as to avoid any delays in the processing of your order.  Though we cannot predict always when an herb will become available again we do attempt to restock with high quality selections at our soonest convenience.  Please check back weekly for current status.





Dill Leaf - Whole

Dill Leaf - Whole


Frankincense - Powder





Horsetail(Shavegrass) - Whole

Kaishore Guggulu - Powder

Myrrh Resin Tears - Whole  

Red Clover - Whole

Rhubarb Root - Powder

Rose Petals - Powder & Whole

Red Clover - Whole

Rhubarb Root - Powder 


Saw Palmetto - Whole  

Senna - Whole

Shilajit - Whole



White Willow Bark - Whole  


                                                               Placing Orders

Orders may be placed in person or over the phone and are processed within 24hrs. When your order is completed you will be notified by phone for in person pickup and by email (with a tracking number) for orders which will be shipped.

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Bulk Herb List