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Graduate/Custom Herb Orders


The California College of Ayurveda is pleased to offer our custom preperation services to our graduates at a discounted rate. We believe it is important to provide a resource to you and your patients for high quality medicines to be prepared in a traditional and sattvic manner. 

Our standard methods of preparation are capsules, churna, teas, salves, custom aromatherapy sprtzers and medicated oils and ghee - for both internal and external application. We invite you to contact us should you have a preparation in mind that is not mentioned here, as we will do our best to help accommodate your request. Please feel welcome to reference our "Bulk Herb List" to familiarize yourself with the herbs we have available.


Out of Stock Herbs


        Out of Stock Herbs -BULK

        The herbs listed below are low in our inventory and therefor not available for BULK purchase.  They are still available for inclusion in formulation unless noted otherwise in the "Out of Stock-FORMULATION" list.

        Out of Stock - FORMULATION

        The herbs listed below are either out of stock in our dispensary and/or are unavailable from our distributors at this time.  Please utilize alternative herbs so as to avoid any delays in the processing of your order.  Though we cannot predict always when an herb will become available again we do attempt to restock with high quality selections at our soonest convenience.  Please check back weekly for current status.
        Astragalus - Whole  

        Bayberry - Whole

        Chaste Berry(Vitex) - Whole & Powder

        Comfrey Root - Whole

        Coriander - Powder

        Cumin - Powder

         Bayberry - Whole

        Dandelion Leaf - Powder Dandelion Leaf - Powder 
        Dill Leaf - Whole  Dill Leaf - Whole
        Elecampane - Whole  
        Feverfew - Whole  
        Gingko Leaf - Powder & Whole  
        Hibiscus - Powder  
        Horsetail(Shavegrass) - Whole  
        Kaishore Guggulu churna - Powder  
        Neem - Powder  

        Neem Leaf - Whole

        Red Sandalwood - Powder

         Neem Leaf - Whole

        Red Sandalwood - Powder

        Saw Palmetto - Whole  
        Senna - Whole  
        Triphala Guggulu churna - Powder  
        White Willow Bark - Whole  
        Yarrow Flower - Whole

        Yarrow Flowers - Whole


Herb Order Submission

Fax: 530-478-9105

Orders will be processed and available for pickup, or shipped, within 1-3 business days. We strive to fulfill all orders as swiftly as possible while maintaining the highest integrity in our preparations.


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