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Upcoming Workshops with Dr. Marc Halpern


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March 19-31 Sivananda Yoga Retreat-Bahamas Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Certification Course
April 9-12 NAMA  NAMA Conference
May 1-3 Kiddie Keep Well Camp - Edison, NJ Consciousness in Ayurveda & Yoga conference
June 26-29 Sivananda Los Angeles Yoga Nidra Certification Course
July 20-26 CCA Campus Marma Therapy Certification Course
Sept. 16-20 Sivananda Yoga Farm - Grass Valley, CA Yoga Nidra Certification Course
December 7-9 Inner Peace-Austin, TX Ayurveda and Yoga


Jan. 25-29 Sivananda Yoga Retreat-Bahamas 3rd Ayurveda Conference  
March 10-22 Sivananda Yoga Retreat-Bahamas Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Training Course  
March 24-27 Sivananda Yoga Retreat-Bahamas Yoga Nidra Training Course