Free Ayurvedic Class with Dr. Marc Halpern

During this 90 minute sample class, Dr. Halpern will give you a taste of what it is like to be an ayurvedic student. He’ll take you on an exploration of your Ayurvedic Constitution and help you to understand the nature of any imbalances you have.

Basic recommendations will be made to support your return to balance and harmony and to support your healing journey. Topics include: The causes of disease, your ayurvedic constitution (prakriti), the nature of your imbalance (vikriti) and personality types. During the last half hour of the program, you are invited to learn about our professional training programs at the California College of Ayurveda. Dr. Halpern will also be taking your questions

Class Schedule

Date: Wednesday, August 14th 2024
Time: 5:00pm – 6:30 pm PST

 Live on Zoom. This program will not be recorded for distribution.

Dr. Marc Halpern 
Medical Ayurvedic Specialist

Dr Marc Halpern

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“Dr. Marc Halpern has a special ability to convey complex and somewhat foreign topics into an easy to use and understandable language that I have not been able to do through self-study.” – Ashley Wayman

“The teacher was excellent! Dr. Halpern was so clear, concise and easy to follow.” – Shakti (Jackie Ader)

“What I liked best was how clearly Dr. Halpern explained such complex concepts” – Avry Budka

Dr. Halpern brings out information that cannot be drawn from a book.

Glen S.

“The information was well put together, easy to follow and the result was such a positive one. Dr. Halpern is truly what made this course for me. His presence and ability to communicate to all of us is one that is rarely found.”

- Totiana Lamberti