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Burn out, fatigue, weight concern, autoimmune conditions, and emotional distress are just a few of the many challenges our patients face. Many of them are overwhelmed by recommendations made by western doctors, often in the form of a long term goal and no means to get there, and confused by the many alternative approaches and their validity. Ayurveda offers a personalized, easy to follow approach with support every step of the way, so you have more time to focus on being you. Your practitioner will make recommendations relating to your needs and goals and schedule weekly check-ins, so you are never left feeling alone, even if you are far away. We offer Skype and in-person consultations for those times that you are away, and if you don’t live near our facility. We know life happens, which is why our step-by-step coaching improves your ability to overcome obstacles and keep you on the right path.

At the CCA Healthcare Center we have three options for staff practitioners based off of their qualifications. They range from preventative care to the highest level of Ayurvedic training in the US — an Ayurvedic doctor.

Depending on your needs you may choose between the following:

Ayurvedic Health Counselors

Focus is placed on preventative care and developing a balanced Ayurvedic lifestyle be learning about many Ayurvedic tools such as herbs, nutrition, and aromatherapy. You will also learn about managing your life using meditation, pranayama and yoga. These tools can be used for a lifetime.

Initial Consultation and Report of Findings
Staff Practitioner: $125.00
Follow up Visits
Staff Practitioner: $85.00

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialists

When working with a CAS you will learn how to incorporate and adjust Ayurvedic tools for management of specific symptoms and disease of both body and mind. We look at disease from an Ayurvedic perspective that encompasses the whole body and mind rather than just the symptom. Diet, specific herbal formulas and many other Ayurvedic tools are used to diminish symptoms and bring the body back into balance.

Initial Consultation and Report of Findings
Staff Practitioner: $165.00
Follow up Visits
Staff Practitioner: $125.00

Ayurvedic Doctors

These are practitioners who are best able to interface with your medical team while also providing you with care for your specific symptoms or disease. Ayurvedic Doctors have the greatest understanding of Ayurveda and have a deeper background in understanding Western medical information. They teach you how to integrate Ayurvedic tools with western medicine, so you get the best results.

Initial Consultation and Report of Findings
Staff Practitioner: $190.00
Follow up Visits
Staff Practitioner: $160.00

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If you are not sure what type of practitioner is right for you, please inquire about our free 15 minute consultations to learn more about your options and get started.


Looking for a Local Practitioner?

Many of our interns and graduates practice in other parts of the U.S. and are available to see patients. If you do not find a practitioner on the list near your community, please call us at 866-541-6699 or inquire via email and we will search our database for a graduate near you. If one cannot be found, we will be happy to consult with you utilizing Skype or similar technology.

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