August 2016





Upcoming Body Therapy Workshops





Tibetan Chakra

Stone Massage

with:Robert Sachs


August 6-8th, 2016


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Specialist Training

with: Ragaia Belovarac


August 29-Sept. 2nd, 2016


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Ojai Women’s Retreat


August 31st-Sept. 5th, 2016


with: Carol Prentice, Amanda Green and Sydney Laurel Harris



  Are you dealing with stress and overwhelm in your life? Are you looking for change and a new direction? Are your relationships suffering because you make the same choices over and over? Or would you simply like to create more leisure time, balance and joy in your daily living? 


This 5-day retreat is limited to only 15 women. It’s an opportunity to be with like-minded women who are on a path to creating greater awareness, health and vitality in their own life that will become a part of them, not just a memory of something one ‘should’ do.


Special offer for CCA friends and students! Register by July 11st and save $200! Promo code: CCAFAN! Pricing is income related to the tuition. Room and board are separate. Please see website for complete details. www.OjaiWomensRetreat.com






Distance Learning




Distance Learning for

Ayurveda Health Counselor Part 1 and Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Part 1 programs, begins every 1st and 15th of the month.





What are our

Grads up to?




Attention CCA Grads:  Let us know what you’re up to and we’ll share it with the world! 
We have an ongoing feature on our blog (located on our home page) as well as on our Facebook page called “What Our Grads Are Up To.”  Let us know what great work you’re doing and we will happily post it! Suggestions include: Workshops and programs you’re teaching, events you’re involved in, opening a new practice, books you’ve written, CD’s or DVD’s you’ve created, handmade products you make and sell (with links to purchase), and whatever other ways you are sharing your healing wisdom with the world!
Simply email the below information to om@ayurvedacollege.com and we will post:
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Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat


Land of Medicine Buddha,

Santa Cruz, CA

September 23rd – 25th, 2016 

 with: Megan McCarver and 

 Sandhiya Ramaswamy


 At the base of the great Redwood Forest on 108 acres of sacred land is a place where you can join mindful friends at our 5th Annual Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat. The Land of Medicine Buddha is a Buddhist Meditation and Retreat Center which vibrates pure prayer and a heart-warming vastness of harmony and peace. Reflect, restore and rejuvenate in this magical land – enjoy comfortable single or double accommodations, organic vegetarian meals, daily Yoga and Meditation classes, Ayurveda Aromatherapy immersion workshop, Yoga Nidra, Dharma talk and a guided nature hike in the scenic redwoods. This retreat fills up, so reserve your spot ~


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California College of Ayurveda

700 Zion St. Nevada City, CA 95959

Phone: (530) 478-9100


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“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”. -Edith Wharton



Fall Classes Are

Filling Up Fast!




Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist-1: Clinical Theory


Starts: October 25th, 2016


  During this 8-month academic program, students will study the

  classical ayurvedic perspective on the management of disease in

  each system of the body as well as an overview of the Western

  Medical understanding of the condition.



  This program is entirely academic and is the pre-requisite for the

  College’s Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist internship program, with a

  focus on preventative medicine and clinical ayurvedic medicine.

  This program is also a pre-requisite for the Ayurvedic Doctor



  Prerequisites: Students must complete A.H.C-1 or A.H.E, and a college

  level course in Western Anatomy and Physiology.



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Ayurvedic Health Counselor-2: Internship


Starts: October 31st, 2016



  This 6-month internship trains students on a scope of practice that 

  focuses on preventative medicine, lifestyle transformation, and the

  promotion of health and wellness. During this 6-month internship,

  students will learn how to provide dietary and lifestyle support,

  including the use of aromatherapy, color, sound, and massage




  Prerequisites: Students must complete A.H.C-1 or A.H.E.



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  Contact Jinnae at jinnae@ayurvedacollege.com

   with questions.




Yoga Nidra Training Certification Course

with: Dr. Halpern


 September 14-18, 2016

 (Grass Valley)



Learn techniques which will allow you to reach new states of conscious awareness with acute perception of both your physical and subtle body. As you practice these techniques you will feel the flow of prana move through physical, emotional, and energetic blockages. The end result is the healing of the body and mind and the expansion of consciousness. During this program, students will both experience yoga nidra, and learn how to teach it to others. Upon completion, students will be prepared to offer this service to their community.


This program qualifies for 36 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits.



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View a past Yoga Nidra Course here


Letter from the President





We walk through the world as if in a dream. We seem to wake up each morning and engage the real world. We work and play, earn and pay. We live and love, we struggle and cry.  At night, we sleep and engage the dream world; swirling stories, mythical in proportion, epic struggles, simple in delight. 


But, could it all be a dream? One dream, with two parts: The day and the night; the dark and the light. The Vedas define the dream as impermanence.  That which is transient is an illusion. Only that which is unchanging is real. There is only one thing that is unchanging. That is the Divine, the eternal.


Vedic knowledge tells us that to get caught up in the dream as if it is real is to suffer. We suffer when we lose perspective and believe in the transient. Whether body or mind, day or night, or waking or dreaming, to get caught up in the dream as if it is real is to struggle with issues of attachment and control, and the emotions they generate as we lose control.  Fear of losing what is important to us is the by-product of attachment to the dream. Anger over not getting what we want is the by-product of trying to control the dream and failing. We can no more control the dream than we can control the tide which flows in and out.


How beautiful to watch the ocean! The waves overlaying the tide. Constant movement. Beauty in a shifting landscape. The ocean view: perspective, tide pools, shapely rocks and cliffs.  The kids laugh and play on the slowly shifting sands. Parents relax in the light of the sun, one eye on the children.


Ayurveda teaches us that deep peace cannot be found in motion. Excitement and fun yes, but peace and bliss no. Motion brings stress and stress brings disease. Those with a vata nature move the most. Those with a vata imbalance suffer the most. Vata is dominated by air, and air means motion.  Yoga tells us that it is the movement of the mind (vrittis), caught up in drama, that is the source of suffering. This too is vata. Ayurveda tells us that no matter what your constitution (balance of the three doshas) it is vata (motion) that is the root of most disease.


Sri Sankaracharya, one of the most highly revered ancient sages, beckoned us to wake up from the dream and break through the illusion. Behind the illusion lies true bliss, unconditional love, peace. Behind the illusion is the Divine. The Divine is always there, we simply forget. The Divine is in all of creation, the Light and the Dark, Day and Night, Waking and Dreaming. See God in all of creation and be free of the stress. With this awareness, there is no attachment. There is no fear, no anger. Ayurveda teaches us that forgetting this truth is the primordial cause of all suffering. From here, we get caught up in drama, the mind moves, stress builds, poor choices are made, and we misuse our senses. Disease is the end result.


Buddhist mindfulness practices teach us that though we may not be able to still the mind, we can become the observer of the flow through it. Though we may not be able to stem the tide of change in our lives, we can peacefully observe it and not get caught up in the drama. Behind the veil of the drama we watch is the breath of life, ever-moving in and out.


The role of Ayurveda is to help us to heal so that we can continue our spiritual journey. What is that journey?  It is the journey of awakening to the Divine within ourselves and all of creation… it is the journey of transcending worldly drama (samsara)…. it is the journey of living truth (satya) and finding peace (shanti).  The fruit of this journey is to experience the oneness and wholeness (yoga) that has been ever-present.  It is to be eternally happy (kaivalya) and to be neither awake nor asleep but to be truly conscious (turiya). There we find perfect health (svastha).


Reused from September 2014


Om Shanti, Dr. Marc Halpern

President: California College of Ayurveda


Author: Healing Your Life; Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda


Author: Yoga Nidra and Self Healing

Article of the Month


Ayurvedic Education in the New Millenium


As we move further into the new millennium, there is a growing fascination with the traditional wisdom of ancient India. Perhaps, this is because it is based on laws of nature that are timeless. Hence, it is as relevant to our well being today as it was thousands of years ago. This is especially true for Ayurveda, the ancient and holistic healing system, which has been practiced in India for over 5,000 years.
Ayurveda is a complete medical science. There are even many Ayurvedic specialties including geriatrics and pediatrics along with internal medicine. In India today, Ayurvedic medicine flourishes along side Western allopathic medicine. Many Indian physicians are trained in both disciplines. While the structure of the professions may seem similar in some aspects, their understanding of disease and approach to improving health are entirely different.
Western health care systems are based on statistical models of healing. Rather than healing the individual who has a disease, Western medicine focuses on healing only the disease. Statistics tell physicians what methods will alleviate the symptoms of disease in most people. This method is useful for improving public health but does little for the individual who does not fit into the statistical norm. Ayurveda understands that each person is a unique individual and each person’s path toward health and healing is equally unique.


Read more here.


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