September 2016




Annual CCA Open House


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September 24th, 2016



  • The Shanti Shop Grand Opening
  • Intro to Ayurveda sessions
  • Tours of the campus and Herb Garden
  • Free Mini Consultations
  • Ayurveda Q & A
  • Raffle & Prizes
  • Refreshments





Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat


Land of Medicine Buddha,

Santa Cruz, CA

September 23rd – 25th, 2016 

 with: Megan McCarver and 

 Sandhiya Ramaswamy


 At the base of the great Redwood Forest on 108 acres of sacred land is a place where you can join mindful friends at our 5th Annual Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat. The Land of Medicine Buddha is a Buddhist Meditation and Retreat Center which vibrates pure prayer and a heart-warming vastness of harmony and peace. Reflect, restore and rejuvenate in this magical land – enjoy comfortable single or double accommodations, organic vegetarian meals, daily Yoga and Meditation classes, Ayurveda Aromatherapy immersion workshop, Yoga Nidra, Dharma talk and a guided nature hike in the scenic redwoods. This retreat fills up, so reserve your spot ~


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Distance Learning




Distance Learning for

Ayurveda Health Counselor Part 1 and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist 1 programs, begin the 1st and 15th every month.





What are our

Grads up to?




Attention CCA Grads:  Let us know what you’re up to and we’ll share it with the world! 
We have an ongoing feature on our blog (located on our home page) as well as on our Facebook page called “What Our Grads Are Up To.”  Let us know what great work you’re doing and we will happily post it! Suggestions include: Workshops and programs you’re teaching, events you’re involved in, opening a new practice, books you’ve written, CD’s or DVD’s you’ve created, handmade products you make and sell (with links to purchase), and whatever other ways you are sharing your healing wisdom with the world!
Simply email the below information to om@ayurvedacollege.com and we will post:
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California College of Ayurveda

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Phone: (530) 478-9100


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“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens”. -Mandy Hale



Fall Classes Are

Filling Up Fast!




Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist-1: Clinical Theory


Starts: October 25th, 2016



 In this 8-month academic program, you take a deep look at disease from the Ayurvedic perspective. You investigate how various diseases manifest in each system of the body and how the condition can best be treated. You extensively study, and learn to customize herbal medicine to support your patients in their healing journeys. You perform projects and work with case studies to deeply integrate your learning. You also gain an overview of the western medical understanding of specific diseases in comparison to the Ayurvedic approach. CAS1 prepares you to impact your patients in a deep, life-changing way.

The CAS1 adventure begins on-campus Oct 25th!



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Ayurvedic Health Counselor-2: Internship


Starts: October 31st, 2016



Transform your studying into action with the AHC2 Internship! In this program you are guided, step-by-step, into starting and running your own Ayurvedic practice. As you coach your patients to make lifestyle, diet and other health changes, you bring great opportunities for healing on many levels. You are closely supervised  to give maximum support to both you and your patients. You are also trained, and required, to offer community-based talks and a class series featuring an intro to Ayurveda. This is the perfect way to gain confidence and attract patients.


AHC2 is the launching of the career you’ve been dreaming of — and it all starts, on-campus, Oct 31!


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  Contact Jinnae at jinnae@ayurvedacollege.com

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Yoga Nidra Training Certification Course

with: Dr. Halpern


 September 14-18, 2016

 (Grass Valley)



Learn techniques which will allow you to reach new states of conscious awareness with acute perception of both your physical and subtle body. As you practice these techniques you will feel the flow of prana move through physical, emotional, and energetic blockages. The end result is the healing of the body and mind and the expansion of consciousness. During this program, students will both experience yoga nidra, and learn how to teach it to others. Upon completion, students will be prepared to offer this service to their community.


This program qualifies for 36 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits.



Register Here (Grass Valley)



View a past Yoga Nidra Course here


Letter from the President



Vata – Change Is In The Air


Can you feel it? Change is in the air!

September is the time of transformation as we move from summer into fall.  The first day of fall is September 22nd. Already in Nevada City, we see the first signs that the leaves are starting to change. I’m sure you’re well beyond the first signs in other parts of the country.


This is a transition from the time when pitta changes from being naturally aggravated by the heat of the summer, to a time when pitta starts to naturally cool and calm down.  While pitta is generally more in balance at this time of year, vata becomes aggravated due to the dryness and the cooler weather. The fall is a double whammy for vata though. During the fall the weather is unstable, some days will be hot and others may be cold. This movement back and forth further aggravates vata dosha. One more sign that vata is becoming aggravated is the trees changing color and slow falling of leaves. Change always aggravates vata dosha. This is not only true of the season but of life changes as well, such as changing a job or a relationship.


It does not matter what your constitution is. At this time of year, everyone’s vata rises. Those who have a vata constitution tend to feel it the most and have the most challenges because of it. Their skin becomes drier, their heart may beat faster, the nervous system may be agitated and the mind may experience more anxiety.


So, keep yourself balanced throughout the fall and early winter. Vata dosha naturally becomes subdued by the moistness of late winter and early spring when the snow begins to melt and new buds form on trees. Here are a few tips.


1.  Oil your body daily. This will help with the dryness while providing deep nourishment to your entire body, especially your nervous system.


2.  Perform Yoga Nidra: This will help keep your body and mind calm as you go through the instability.


3.  Eat warm, moderately spicy, heavier food. These foods provide deep nourishment. These are healthy comfort foods, such as cooked stews and soups that have both grains and root vegetables.


4.  If you become quite weak, take bone soups and consume some meat in the soups and stews. While Ayurveda promotes a vegetarian lifestyle, as a medicine, meat can be important.


5.  Avoid raw foods, cold vegetables, cold smoothies.


6.  Take more fermented, sour foods that will keep your agni (digestive fire) strong.

Any time you consider the seasons in your food plan, remember that even more important is your vikruti or the current state of balance of your doshas. If you have a pitta or kapha imbalance, you will need to follow guidelines that focus on those doshas first and foremost. Seasonal considerations only modify your lifestyle, they don’t dictate it. For more information, speak to a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist.


Om Shanti, Dr. Marc Halpern

President: California College of Ayurveda


Author: Healing Your Life; Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda


Author: Yoga Nidra and Self Healing

Article of the Month


Ayurvedic Maximizing the Potential for Healing


Ayurveda is the ancient and traditional medicine of India. A holistic form of medicine, Ayurveda focuses on creating an optimal environment within the body for healing to take place. The goal of Ayurveda is to support the body’s internal healing capability.
The science of Ayurveda views the human being as a dynamic, life affirming organism that in its natural state is healthy, free from disease and at peace with life. Optimum health occurs when the natural process of the body are not interfered with. This happens without effort when the human being is living a harmonious life.
Disharmony of any kind, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual is the cause of disease from an Ayurvedic perspective. Disharmony occurs when a person is out of tune with the environment or other people. In order to maximize the healing capability of the body, the Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (C.A.S.) helps their clients reestablish harmony through learning to follow a healthy lifestyle.
The five senses are portals or gateways into the body, mind and consciousness. Through them, impressions from the environment are absorbed. When healthy impressions (healthy foods, visual impressions, sounds, smells and touch) are taken in, the body responds by reaching its full potential. When low quality impressions are taken in, the body responds with less than optimum function and becomes susceptible to disease.


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