Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healing: Dr. Marc Halpern on the Evolution of Ayurveda (Interview with MysticMag)

Discover Ayurvedic Education at CCA with Dr. Marc Halpern. Ancient wisdom meets modern wellness with MysticMag’s illuminating interview with Dr. Marc Halpern, the visionary behind the California College of Ayurveda (CCA).

Founded in 1995, CCA stands as a beacon of holistic education, bridging Eastern tradition with Western curiosity. Dr. Halpern’s mission to formalize Ayurveda as a profession in the United States has transformed thousands of lives worldwide.

This article explores the profound impact of Ayurveda on individual and collective well-being and witnesses how this time-honored science continues to evolve under Dr. Halpern’s guidance. To uncover the full story and the pivotal role of CCA in crafting a healthier future, click here: Read the full interview here!