Are You Ready For An Ayurvedic Cleanse?

You’ve probably heard about people cleansing. You may have thought about it. For most people, it takes hearing about it and thinking about it a few times before they get the courage to finally do it. Let’s take a look at what a cleanse is, why it is so good for you, and how you might go about doing one.

What is a Cleanse?

Are You Ready For A Cleanse BlogA cleanse refers to removing toxins that build up in the digestive system and the tissues of the body. Toxins enter the body through food, water, and air. Once inside your body, most of it is metabolized and eliminated but a residue remains. This residue interferes with normal cell physiology. Hence, it is a contributing factor to many diseases. Cleanses usually involve a change in diet, taking herbs, and sometimes, include flushing the colon. This can be done through enemas or colonics. 

Why are seasonal cleanses so good for you?

Cleanses do even more than just remove toxins from the body. They also reset your body’s appetite and metabolism, and they often jumpstart a change in lifestyle. The impact of this is significant. Those who go through a cleanse usually lose weight, break habits that are contributing to disease, and feel better physically and mentally. While there are many reasons, one important one is that the cleanse alters your microbiome. This refers to the bacteria and other microbes that are in your digestive system. It’s been found that these microbes play a major role in nearly every physiological process in your body, even in your brain!  And they are impacted by your diet and lifestyle. Change your microbiome and you can change your life.

Are You Ready To Cleanse BlogHow Do You Cleanse?

There are many different types of cleanses promoted in the marketplace. They can be vastly different. While it’s worth exploring them and seeing what works for you, the science of Ayurveda has its own methodology that has been practiced for thousands of years. The process is beautiful and easy. There is a special food that is prepared from split mung beans and basmati rice called kitchadi/kitchari. During the cleanse this is taken along with vegetables that are prepared for your constitution. Special herbs are taken that balance the digestive system, cleanse the blood, and remove toxins from the tissues. Toward the latter part of the cleanse, enemas are performed. All through the cleanse lifestyle changes are slowly being made. Therefore, it is helpful to have a “cleanse guide”. This is a practitioner who meets with you throughout the cleanse to provide you with the support needed to succeed. Of course, there is a lot more detail and planning that goes into the program and your practitioner can provide you with the guidance needed.

Is there any risk of participating in a Cleanse?

If a cleanse is done properly there is very little risk. You may feel tired or cranky however as you break some old habits. Again, that is why support is so helpful. This disappears after a few days and then you’ll feel brighter and happier. In fact, many people report having a lot more energy. This is particularly true if your diet was poor prior to the cleanse – which it is for many people. The standard American diet leaves a lot to be desired. 

Before you cleanse, speak to a practitioner. Your practitioner should know your health history and be able to tailor the program to your needs. Or, join a group cleanse and receive support from others like yourself going through the same process. 

For More Information: 

The California College of Ayurveda hosts an At-Home Cleanse. This cleanse is a 21-day guided purification process that you can experience from the comfort of your own home. Under the guidance and support of Ayurvedic Practitioners. Virtual group meetings provide an opportunity for you to form relationships and share your experiences during the cleanse. You will receive a thoughtfully designed Herbal Cleanse Kit that will be mailed directly to your home designed by the herbal pharmacy and your guiding practitioners.

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* We recommend speaking with a practitioner before cleansing if you have a history of medical conditions.