Articles by Amanda

Ayurvedic Recipes: Chocolate Chia Pudding

 Chocolate Chia Pudding is as tasty as it is nourishing! Be sure and make it about 11 hours before serving so the chia seeds have time to expand. VK- P+ (balancing for Vata and Kapha, … More »

Ayurvedic Recipe: Sweet Potato Soup

  Now that we’re in the season of Vata, it’s particularly important to keep vata dosha in balance. When Vata goes out of balance, dry skin, gas, constipation, insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms can result.  … More »

Ayurvedic Recipe: Okra Curry

 Okra has a moistening effect on the body, making it a great vegetable for balancing the dryness of Vata dosha. And since it is now the time of year when Vata is most likely to … More »