Articles by Amanda

Ayurvedic Recipe: Homemade Chai

  Picture starting your chilly winter day off with a delicious, steaming hot cup of homemade chai….yum!   ’Tis the season of chai! Chai is not only delicious, but because it is warming, it stokes … More »

Ayurvedic Recipe: Butterscotch Brownies

 Looking for a delicious candy alternative for your Vata Trick-or-Treaters?    These Butterscotch Brownies are not only delicious but actually help to keep Vata dosha in balance (but not when eaten in excess)!   Preparation … More »

Ayurvedic Recipe for Balancing Vata: Carrot Soup

      We’re smack in the middle of the season when vata dosha easily goes out of balance.  With unbalanced vata, you may experience dry skin, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, nervous system disorders, and more. … More »