Ayurveda & 3 Steps to Building a Healthy Foundation for Optimal Weight

Healthy weight is a reflection of a balanced mind and a healthy lifestyle. When the mind is at peace, and the lifestyle is balanced, the mouth knows what to eat and what to avoid.

Too often, though, the mind is agitated, the lifestyle is out of balance, and the mouth is confused. Not coming from a place of clarity, the mouth eats too much or too little and the wrong kinds of foods.

Without a balanced mind and a healthy lifestyle, dieting is just a temporary means to lose weight. With a balanced mind and a healthy lifestyle, a diet becomes a food program for the rest of your life. A food program that nourishes and sustains you, keeps you young and vital, and gives you the energy to be of service and pursue your dreams. 

Consider these three steps to bring greater balance to your mind and clarity to your mouth:

1) Eat at the same time everyday. A regular routine is needed to balance the chaos of life.

2) Meditation: Commit yourself to sitting quietly each morning, whether it’s for 2 minutes or 20 minutes. Breath calmly, and focus within. You’ll be amazed how quickly clarity returns when you slow down.

3)  Remember that the act of eating is sacred. We are taking in atoms and molecules that have been around since the beginning of time, and asking them to become a part of our bodies. They will still be around long after life leaves the body. Eating connects us with everything that has ever been, everything that is, and everything that will ever be. Realizing this is divine. To realize this is to realize the divinity in the act of eating.

Let us all live each moment from a place of clarity. From this place, all actions are harmonious, including the act of eating.
– Om Shanti, Dr. Marc Halpern, Founder of the California College of Ayurveda