Ayurveda and Healing with the Colors of the Season: GOLD

 The holiday season is often filled with golden ornaments and shining gold stars. According to Ayurveda, gold is a healing, transformative color which balances all three doshas. 

“The color gold is made up primarily of fire, water and earth but also has a little ether and air. While fire is a predominant element in the color, the heating quality of the color is tempered by influences of the other elements. Because of the influence of earth and water, gold is the heaviest of the warming colors and the most nourishing. Gold is warm, slightly moist, heavy and stabilizing. 

In the mind, the color gold promotes stability and can be beneficial as part of a complete plan to manage anxiety and bi-polar tendencies. It accomplishes this without any sedative side effects. In fact, the color gold is energizing in a manner that promotes endurance rather than a quick high. It uplifts the spirit and helps to transform consciousness, as it promotes greater awareness. In the body, the color gold supports all immune functions. It helps prevent disease and is useful in the management of autoimmune disease. 

For a person of vata nature, gold is protective against excessive mobility and dryness. It brings needed stability and endurance against stress. Thus, a person with a vata nature or imbalance should use this color liberally. Wearing gold jewelry is beneficial for similar reasons. 

For a person with a pitta nature, gold ignites the clarity of the mind while also providing stability. Ordinarily, this illuminating quality could be too hot for a person who already has enough fire in their nature. However, in balance with water, the effect of the light given off by gold’s fire creates clarity without creating intensity. This makes the use of the color gold safe for a person with a pitta nature or imbalance. 

For a person with a kapha nature, the fire inherent in gold provides warmth, clarity and some stimulation. This is tempered by the stabilizing qualities of the earth in gold. Thus, gold has a neutral effect on a person with a kapha nature or imbalance. 

As you can see from the description, gold is neither very balancing nor very disturbing to any one dosha. It is safe to use by everyone. This makes gold a tridoshic color.” ~ Excerpt from “Healing Your Life, Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda,” by Dr. Marc Halpe