Ayurveda and the Healing Power of Pinda Svedana Treatments

 Each July at CCA, we offer several workshops, providing opportunities for students to deeply learn the hands-on treatments of Ayurveda. 

In this Pinda Svedana workshop, students learn the ancient pinda svedana (and patra pindra svedana) treatments, in which boluses (pouches), made of cotton, are filled with rice and/or herbs and soaked in warm, nourishing herbal oil or milk. 

These boluses are then applied to the body, providing deeply therapeutic, site-specific localized heat and massage. This powerful therapy is used to massage and treat neuromuscular disorders and disorders of the skeletal system, including arthritis, aches and pains, and more.

At CCA, we also offer pinda treatments to the public at our Ayurveda Spa. 

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To learn more about the Ayurveda Spa:  https://www.ayurvedacollege.com/ayurvedic-treatments.