Ayurveda and How Much Food Is Too Much?



How much food is too much? OK, not a fair question with Thanksgiving just around the corner! Most people tend to overeat on Thanksgiving. If you only overeat one time a year, the chances are it wouldn’t do too much harm. 


But what if you overeat on a regular basis? This can lead to trouble! Best to eat until you’re 75% full – meaning that you feel satisfied, not full at the end of a meal! 


Eat Until you are 75 Percent Full. This is perhaps the most difficult challenge people have. Overeating suppresses the agni, increases the kapha dosha and increases ama. Scientists have stated that the surest way to extend life is to eat less. When the proper amount of food has been taken, a person no longer feels hungry. A person feels satisfied, not full. The body and mind should feel light and awake following a meal. According to the Caraka Samhita, “One should take food in the proper quantity. When taken in proper quantity, it promotes longevity in its entirety without afflicting vata, pitta or kapha; it easily passes down to the rectum; does not impair the power of digestion and it gets digested easily without any difficulty.” ~ Excerpt from “Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine,” by Dr. Marc Halpern, Founder of the California College of Ayurveda