Ayurveda and Meditation

 Meditation is profound and powerful. It has enormous benefits to the body and the mind. Many of us know this, and yet aren’t sure what it is or how to do it.

There are endless meditation techniques, although the goal is the same; to consciously calm and focus the mind, piercing the veil of thoughts, in order to arrive at the place of peace and harmony which exists deep within each of us. 


Meditation is not easy; the mind wants to wander, to run rampant like a wild race horse, to resist being silenced. This is normal. That is why meditation is a practice. You simply need to begin, and to continue practicing. The ultimate prize is to become aware of one’s true nature. To be in unshakeable, pure bliss. To know oneself as Divine.


The below is a suggested meditation practice for beginners as well as for those who already maintain a regular practice: 


Settle into a seated meditation posture with the back straight, shoulders relaxed, head slightly forward, eyes closed. You may sit on the floor or a chair.


Begin with creating the intention to calm the mind.


Take three deep, diaphragmatic breaths, releasing the breath slowly.


Slow the breath down and consciously regulate it, creating a calm, smooth inhalation and a calm, smooth exhalation, both to a count of about three. Keep the breathing rhythmic.


Allow your thoughts to gently follow the flow of the breath, releasing all other thoughts. 


At first you may allow the mind to wander. Then, gently, reign in the thoughts, returning the focus to the breath whenever the mind wanders. Never force the mind to be still; this simply creates additional thought waves.


Settle your awareness on either the point between the eyebrows or on your heart center, whichever feels most natural to you. 


If you have a personal mantra, coordinate it with the breath. Or, you may use the universal mantra OM.


If the mind wanders, simply bring it gently back to the breath, the mantra, and the point of focus.


Continue this practice for 10 minutes or as time permits. You may begin with shorter periods and then work up to longer periods of time. Create a regular daily meditation practice; the benefits to your body and to your mind will be beyond measure.