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Ayurveda and Seasonal Change 7/9- Guest Writing from our CAS Graduate Christianne Asper

 When Autumn meets Winter

By the time Spring settles in again, you’re likely to see the same now bare tree, displaying a more vibrant green than it had ever known itself to be!!!  How do you, like the tree, succeed in adapting to the cold, dry, mobile (depleting) qualities of Autumn/Winter?

Here is one way:  List the habits which most throw you out of balance.   Next, circle the most depleting ones.

Yes, I’m referring to something you do which speeds up time (ie. doing life on autopilot), stresses you unnecessarily (ie. worry) and/or makes you feel like a dried up prune (ie. overdoing)!  

Lastly, choose which one of these habits you’re prepared to place on the shelf until warmer, heavier and more moist qualities return.  Yes, just one thing that you are willing to “do without” until early Spring, maybe even late Winter.  Doable?

By Christianne Asper or on Instagram @Life.Sherpa