Ayurveda and Seasonal Change 8/9- Guest Writing from our CAS Graduate Christianne Asper

Forget cooling off! Calm down and get cozy instead!

Back when Summer was at its peak, and you were on the verge of overheating, what did you do?  Moonlight hikes, bike riding after sun down and diving in the refreshing Pacific ocean?!?

If your answer is something along those lines, awesome!   All you need to do now is apply the same logic – Opposites Balance – to the current climate!  So, forget Cooling off! Calm Down & Get Cozy, instead!

Venture outdoors when the Sun is at its peak?

Invite yourself over to a friend’s house who has a fireplace?

Treat yourself to a relaxing hot bath before bed?

Favor more soups and stews than cold salads? 

Replace the cool spices (ie. cumin, fennel, coriander) in your kitchen cabinet with warming ones (i.e. turmeric, ginger, cinnamon)?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes!

Truly, there are so many ways to move towards greater balance. Start with just one thing and give it a chance to help you succeed in your goal. “Do It” for a Season! By Christianne Asper lifesherpa.info or on Instagram @Life.Sherpa