Ayurveda and Seasonal Change 9/9- Guest Writing from our CAS Graduate Christianne Asper

It’s just the Season…

When “getting to know” and “getting along” is the aim, 

here are a few things you may want to keep in mind: 

Freedom is founded in structure!  As it is the case of a baby; staying up late and/or skipping meals, may not be the way to sustainable Inspiration, Creativity and the Freedom.

There is a Season for everything! From heat (Summer), to Dry, Light, Cold, Subtle, Rough and Mobile (Now) and back to moist (Spring); when it comes to adapting to one’s surroundings, trees seem more sophisticated than us. This is a “no brainer”.  After all, it is only us humans who are distracted by “reasoning”.  Surely, our ability to reason is an extraordinary tool.   As long as it does not interfere with intuition!  We share the same SPACE, we breathe the same AIR, we are all expressions of nature!  To ignore this is to diminish your access to balanced (harmonious) living.

Study Ayurveda!  With the help of this ancient science, both logical and intuitive; you are likely to discover the sweet spot between too much, and not enough.  Yes, a place where you are free to glide (or float); whatever suits you best.:-)

By Christianne Asper lifesherpa.info or on Instagram @Life.Sherpa

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