Ayurveda and Seasonal Change- It’s just the Season 3/9

When Freedom is the Aim, Calm is the Practice!


When is a baby Free to explore, laugh, play?
Yes, when calm! 
Maybe this is why parents don’t delay on investigating the source of agitation, when they hear a cry!  “Have each of the baby’s basic needs been met?” Next they check for disturbances in daily routine (too much activity, irregular meal times etc).  
Interestingly however, grown ups get all mixed up when it comes to their own Freedom.
I’ve heard countless  versions of this claim:  “It is by being free to do as I please that I can express my freedom.”  Yet, these same people are the ones more susceptible to being knocked down by exhaustion, anxiety and any of the other Fear based emotions.  Hmmmm….. 
By Christianne Asper lifesherpa.info or on Instagram @Life.Sherpa