Ayurveda and Seasonal Change-Structure yields greater Freedom! 4/9

 For you who views multitasking as an art form and stretching yourself to your edge as the norm, here goes an experiment:   

Now that the temperature has dropped, the air is drier (more winds), and there is a scarcity of sunlight ; notice if you are also more prone to being overwhelmed, anxiety, worry, insomnia, crackling skin and/or constipation.

If yes, let this be a source of motivation for learning how to not only prevent, but also correct such symptoms.

If not because you live in a temperate climate, please don’t feel left out!   Freezing temperatures, gushing winds and/or significant scarcity of sunlight do not need to be a part of your forecast.  In fact, any other unpleasantry which typically robs you of your freedom, depending on what is going on in your environment, can serve as motivation to develop a greater structure.

By Christianne Asper lifesherpa.info or on Instagram @Life.Sherpa