Ayurveda and the Use of Spices – Parsley


Digestion, digestion, digestion! According to Ayurveda, good health begins with good digestion. Without it, we set ourselves up for disease. 


One of the ways to make sure that we digest our food well is through the proper use of spices. Spices help stoke the “digestive fire” which is essential for proper digestion.


So ~ make sure that with every meal, you add appropriate spices. Parsley is a great choice!




Have you noticed the sprig of green that often nestles in the corner of your plate? Do you eat it or just vaguely note how it adds a green flourish to your meal? 


That green sprig is often parsley, and it isn’t just a pretty face – it actually offers many benefits!


Parsley is good for the urinary tract, female reproductive system, and digestion. It’s packed with minerals, vitamins and iron. It will help you to digest the food on your plate. It might be a bit too warm for pitta, but is great for vata and kapha.


So go ahead – eat your plate decoration!