Ayurveda in Georgia: consultations in Jesup with Carolina Dear

The California College of Ayurveda is pleased to introduce the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Interns 2014. Interns have completed their academic studies and work under the supervision of experienced clinical instructors. This semester’s talented group of interns comes from throughout the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner (AHP) interns work on supporting patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with their constitution. Patients learn about their constitution as well as the nature of any imbalances. They will also receive support to adjust their diet and lifestyle accordingly and to normalize your digestion and elimination. As part of the Ayurvedic program, an intern can include ayurvedic herbs, aromatherapy, color therapy, sound and mantra, and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. This is is the best of preventative health care! For those who have a specific condition and are looking for clinical management through Ayurvedic Medicine, they should consider having a consultation with an Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist intern or graduate. 

Interview with Carolina from Georgia

1)  What inspired you to study Ayurvedic Medicine?

I was inspired to study Ayurvedic Medicine because I was born into a family with a midwife. My great grandmother was a medicine woman in small country in South America (Ecuador) where natural medicine is common. Over the past years I have become a yoga teacher & Viniyoga therapist. I learned to apply tools of yoga and yoga therapy to help individuals with health challenges such as structural pain, chronic illnesses, and emotional disturbances. I am able to create a therapeutic personalized one-on-one practice that is based on the patient’s needs, interest and current condition. I felt though I was not able to fulfill all the healing modalities to fully benefit the patient. Once I began to investigate what was missing I realized that Ayurveda is very much needed in the healing process. I felt Ayurveda gives the patients natural intelligence of the body and allows them to apply more than one aspect towards healing. Researching Ayurveda made me want to learn more about becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner.  I discovered that even though I live in southeast GA there was still a way to become a practitioner. I researched different types of schools but due to distance and my location I needed an online program. I am grateful to have found the CCA program. Now I am in route to being an Ayurvedic practitioner and eventually to be a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist.

2)    What do you think makes Ayurveda attractive to the public?

I think the attraction lies between understanding the connection of our body’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual avenues. Patients are drawn to learn more about the spiritual connection of these parts and the simplicity behind Ayurveda Medicine. Patients want to know more about holistic science. Patients want to understand the cause, excess/accumulation, and imbalance which surround their condition. An Ayurvedic practitioner is able to work with the patient to analyze their conditions create a healthy balanced lifestyle.

3)    What do you think about the future of Ayurveda in the United States?

I believe that the future for Ayurveda is promising. I have seen throughout the years more and more exposure to holistic healing and an increase in people wanting to learn more information. I think that it would be a wonderful addition to have an Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist CAS in each doctor’s office, health center and wellness office. This would allow the patient to have an option of choosing Ayurveda for prevention or treatment of chronic conditions.

4) What does your path to Ayurveda look like?

I was born and grew up in small country in South America (Ecuador) named Guayaquil. It was not until I was a teenager until I moved to the United States. I settled in Massachusetts where I knew family. I worked have to learn northern English then eventually moved to Miami, Florida. While living in Florida I worked for the airlines and travel agency. I traveled parts of the world until I met my husband who was at the time living in Miami also. My husband is from South Georgia and shortly after we were married I moved to Georgia. I have enjoyed living in Georgia and think it is a great place to raise a family.  After moving to Georgia I begin my journey as a wife, mother and professional. Throughout the years I have practiced yoga with books and DVDs at home. In my small town where I live there are no yoga studios available.  I decided to deepen my own yoga practice and went to yoga school to become a yoga teacher and viniyoga therapist. Yoga has brought profound healing to me and I strongly recommend it to everyone. I believe that a person can walk away from yoga with flexibility, stress, anxiety and pain relief, better breathing, increased strength, weight management, and improved circulation. I also believe it can contribute to inner peace. As I practiced as a yoga teacher and therapist I feel that something was missing from what I could offer to patients. These feelings were validated more after talking and caring for patients. I felt that a real holistic meaning of being connect to body, mind and spirit was missing. After discovering this I decided to go further in my learning and follow my path to become an Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist. 

My goal  as a teacher and a Ayurvedic  Practitioner( intern) is to enhance the health and well-being of an individual by reducing symptoms, restoring balance, increasing self-understanding, encouraging prevention, and facilitating healing at all levels. Many tools of yoga and yoga therapy and the wisdom of Ayurveda medicine can be incorporated into holistic healing towards an individual. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to learn and share this great learning with my patients.