Ayurveda, Love and Ojas – and Wishes for a Happy New Year!

 As we greet the New Year,  let us remember that all challenges to our health and well-being come from a state of low ojas. Ojas is the foundation of our ability to love to be loved; it is that which sustains, stabilizes and nourishes us.

Let us also remember that all of the challenges to the health and well-being of the planet are a reflection of our low ojas as a society.

This year,  let us commit to improving our ojas, our health, and our well-being by nourishing ourselves and opening our hearts to being able to love and be loved. As we do so, our new state of health and wellness will be reflected in the world,  and there will be greater peace, greater love, and greater joy for all of humanity.

Happy New Year!

– Dr. Marc Halpern and the California College of Ayurveda