Ayurvedic consultations in Central East Florida with Parthena Rodriguez

The California College of Ayurveda is pleased to introduce you to our Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Interns 2013-2014. Our Interns have completed their academic studies and are now working under the supervision of our experienced clinical instructors. The talented group of interns comes from throughout the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Our Ayurvedic Health Practitioner (AHP) interns work on supporting their patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with their constitution. When you see an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, you will learn your constitution as well as the nature of any imbalances. You will also receive support to adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly and to normalize your digestion and elimination. As part of your program, an intern can include ayurvedic herbal medicines, aromatherapy, color therapy, sound and mantra, and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. This is the best of preventative health care! If you are have a specifc condition and are looking for clinical management through Ayurvedic Medicine, you should consider having a consultation with a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist intern or graduate. 

Parthena Rodriguez is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Intern providing consultations in Sebastian, Florida.  She is a registered yoga teacher and has a master’s degree in English Literature and education.  She is a certified Ayurvedic Health Educator and has also studied nutrition, herbology, and iridiology.  To request an Ayurvedic consultation, please contact the school at info (at) ayurvedacollege.com.

Interview with Parthena from Central East Florida 

1)  What inspired you to study Ayurvedic Medicine?

The sense it made in context of all of the experiences thus far in my life inspired me to study Ayurveda.  For decades, I had been studying various healing modalities, herbal remedies, as well as yoga and this science was able to put into a clear perspective what it takes to be healthy.

2)    What do you think makes Ayurveda attractive?

People are attracted not just to better health, but also to a more objective view of why the world is the way it is and why we are the way we are. To me, the study of Ayurveda is also the study of compassion.

3)    What do you think about the future of Ayurveda in the United States?

I think the future of Ayurveda looks promising because people are coming to the understanding that there is no quick fix to our complex emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges.  Folks want to take charge of their health without being totally dependent on our current system with many of its ‘fix-it-quick-with-side- effects’ options.

4)    What is your favorite therapy in this traditional system of medicine from India?

My favorite therapy would have to be any of the massage therapies, particularly marma.  Marma point therapy is a fantastic way of releasing tensions and opening up body channels or meridians with oils and touch.  There is nothing more soothing or more nourishing than balancing out the nervous system with a massage by a caring and knowledgeable Ayurvedic practitioner.

5) What does your path to Ayurveda look like?

I was born in a small southwestern Pennsylvania town in the late 1950’s.   As a teenager, I became interested in how food and mental attitude affect our health and in the late 1970’s began the path of finding my yoga.  During this search, I went to college and received a degree in education and later, English Literature and taught all levels of students for several decades in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Florida.   After finally finding the right yoga for me in 2004, I became even more attracted to yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda—a way to wellness that I had known about for some time.  I found lectures by Robert Svoboda, John Douillard, and Vasant Lad inspiring and wanted to pursue this discipline further and incorporate even more of its elements into my life while helping others on this remarkable and ancient journey to mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness.

Contact Information

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/parthena.rodriguez
Website:  www.parthenayoga.com