Ayurvedic Health Counselor Classes Begin October 4, 2016 – The time to register is NOW!

Do you feel a calling, deep down in your heart?
You probably wouldn’t be reading this unless you have a yearning in your heart to make a difference in the world. This means either the world within your own heart, or the greater world around you. Either way, you likely see things differently. The ancients called such people rishis, seers. 
Are you a seer? Do you see what is in the world of socially agreed upon “reality,” and yet have a sense that there’s more to the story? Perhaps you have a budding awareness of the infinite possibilities that await beyond the realm of limited ego-based vision? If so, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU! Such are the healers of our future, those who draw upon the ancient wisdom of the rishis who long ago recognized the healing wisdom inherent within the natural world, and harnessed it for the betterment of all…
If you feel this calling, Ayurveda may be knocking on your door…if so, the California College of Ayurveda awaits you! Give us a shout… ayurvedacollege.com … we are here to serve as the womb of Ayurvedic education, from which springs forth highly trained practitioners, teachers, and sacred healers! Classes are now forming, with two options for learning from a distance. Our weekday class begins on October 4, so the time is now! We look forward to welcoming you into the family!
To learn more and register: https://www.ayurvedacollege.com

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