Ayurvedic Herbal Apprenticeship Final Project: Creating a Beautiful Herbal Mandala!

 Check out these stunning photos of the Herbal Mandala created as the final project for our Herbal Apprenticeship students!

Our herbal apprentices study directly with our Director of Herbalism, Brenda Igler. At CCA, we are proud to be the first Ayurvedic College in the west to provide its own teaching herb garden, home to approximately 80 different species of plant medicines from around the world. Our herbal apprenticeship students receive the highest level of training in the United States in Ayurvedic herbal medicine making and administration. Students learn plant cultivation and medicine making techniques, basic plant identification, intro to ethno botany, plant spirit awareness and connection. In addition, students have the opportunity to make flower essences, herbal first aid kits, and body care products. The herbal mandala is the final project, and it teaches students about the use of plant medicine in art as a form of subtle body healing. Guest teachers and local herb identification walks further enhance the education in this program. 


This 9 month Herbal Apprenticeship program runs from April – December each year and is open to any CCA student/graduate who has completed Level 1 of the CCA curriculum. Students with a love of herbs are thrilled with the depth of learning that this program provides, and the fun, interactive, deeply inspiring nature of it!