Ayurvedic Marma Therapy – Healing Through Touch

“Marma Therapy is the use of 107 points on the body to manipulate the flow of prana (life energy) through the 72,000 nadi (channels) of the subtle body.  A skilled practitioner uses these points to alter the physiology of the body, mind and consciousness of their patient.  In doing so, a practitioner can help to facilitate the healing of almost any condition.
All disease can be understood to be due to an alteration of the flow of prana (life energy). Prana may flow in excess or become deficient. It may become blocked or, due to injury, may flow out of the channels that it was intended to flow through.  The alteration of flow and the location of the disturbance define the disease.  The various states of abnormal flow are due to a disturbance of the three doshas. The goal of the ” marmani,” or practitioner of marma therapy, is to restore the proper flow. When prana flows properly into a tissue of the body that has been compromised, that tissue is able to heal. The goal of marma therapy is to maximize the potential of the body to heal itself. The practice of marma is neither magic nor myth.  It is a science articulated in the ancient texts and available to practitioners today who have an interest in energy medicine. 
A practitioner of marma is a conscious conduit of the love and light of existence.  Love and light are the two poles of life energy.  The light is the power of purity, truth and illumination. Love is the power of nurturance and protection. Light is the ether. Love is the earth.  Together these energies gather in the heart and flow through the hands of the marmani.  Placing their hands on the body, fingers on specific marma points, the marmani allows this energy to flow into the point altering the flow of prana in the patient. In doing so, the flow of prana may be restored to a joint, an organ, or to any part of the body or mind. To enhance the effect, the marmani may apply specific herbal or essential oils to the marma points. The vibration of these herbs and oils affect the flow of prana. Combined with the touch of the marmani, the effect of each is enhanced. Throughout the practice, the marmani utilizes pressure of various degrees on the points.  When successful, the proper flow of prana is restored and healing takes place. 
Marma is one tool that the Ayurvedic Practitioner uses. There are many. Each has its usefulness. Marma is one of the most powerful of these tools. The practitioner who truly masters marma therapy is rare. But, those who study and practice continually enhance their ability as healers and bring the greatest of all gifts to their patients. This is the gift of love and light; healing love, healing light.” ~ Dr. Marc Halpern, Founder & Director of the California College of Ayurveda and author of “Healing Your Life: Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda” 
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