Ayurvedic Approach to Obesity by Sarah Haven Bundy

Obesity Overview

Despite the staggering list of risks associated with obesity, more than 35% of American adults have been diagnosed with this condition1 and that number is rising each year.2  Our modern medical view of treatment for this epidemic condition utilizes diet & exercise, often moving on to weight loss drugs and surgery if patients don’t see results.  This approach could be seen as a two-dimensional view for a multi-dimensional challenge, and often falls short in long term treatment.  There are some major leverage points within the wisdom of Ayurveda on the topic of weight management that could assist in greater success, and bring with them a cascade of accompanying health benefits.  The Ayurvedic view looks at the whole individual and the underlying cause for any imbalance.   It meets those challenges where they are, instead of working on symptoms only and ignoring their root origins.  We are going to look deeply into this ancient science and see how it can work for today’s dilemma of American Obesity.

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